Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I am Back!!

Hey Guys,

It has been a Looong time since I Have posted......and I am here to let anyone who finds it know...  I'm back.

We took a long break after Finishing Dogonaut's to just relax and enjoy the aftermath of our Huge marathon film making adventure. Dogonaut's has played all over the world and was received very well.

We do plan on Releasing the DVD with special features in 2015 as it ends its Festival Tour.....So I will be announcing that here when the time comes.

This last years News-

 I did not just lay around guys......there was plenty of Art-animation that was going on....I just was doing most of it  on the computer....

1. I shipped a new video game.

I was lucky also enough to work A Bunch on the New {SPONGEBOB - Sponge out of Water} Feature Film releasing in Feb.......Super very excited to take my grandma and little cousins to go see it.

I was lucky to do a few shots on the NEW Christmas {ELF} Special for NBC.....!!  Check it out!!

I also had the chance to work a good amount on an awesome NEW kids show from Amazon Studios called TumbleLeaf....

The show is for very young kids but it is chock full of charm and I enjoyed all my time working on it.

I have also been doing alot of CG work for a short film that I am collaborating with a group of Feature CG guys......I cant share anything from this yet.....but its gona be very fun to Share when the time comes and I hope the project allows me to pump up my Feature CG reel some more.

so.....that's the Update guys....and kickoff post ....

        I have HUGE news coming up in the next few weeks....and I will be posting regularly for the next adventure.....so

        talk soon!



Steve Marshall said...


Alonso said...

Welcome back! You say you were resting but sounds like you were plenty busy with some awesome projects. I stumbled on tumbleleaf and loved the artstyle and charm. Looking forwards to new rasch inspiration, saw those dirk tests on vimeo, beautiful spacing.

Carla Veldman said...

Good to hear you're back and you've been busy working on some other great projects - Merry Christmas!

Yasemin A said...

Hi Justin, long time no talk. It is great to see your post at about the same time I am starting blogging again. Congratulations for Dogonaut's film!!! And also for the other art, animation you have been working on. Wishing you, Shel and your family a Mery Christmas!!

jriggity said...

Steve} Thanks man
Alonso} thanks and yes...I was still very active animation wise. I plan some very cool things for Dirk in the next year.

Carla} Merry Christmas to you too....and thanks

Yasemin} thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!!

Sandro Duarte said...

Glad you're back! And happy new year to you all! :)

Joel Fletcher said...

Hey! It's great that you are reviving this blog Justin, I thought it was abandoned. I saw some very awesome tests with the Dragon's Lair character on Vimeo that you did. The clips have dynamic action that one rarely sees in stop-motion. I can see your game experience translating nicely into the puppets. You should post about those here. Or is that your huge news? ;-)