Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hey Guys!

It happened-

 We had our Premiere of ---- DOGONAUT'S ----ENEMY LINE---- this last weekend and it went great.

We had about 200 guests....friends and family for the showing of 7 animated films ending with our own latest.

We had a nice little push leading up to the day.....Me and shel getting the Videos ready - models ready - cleaning up broke down puppets and ships.....lots to do in Prep...

After getting all the details in order we packed up the car and were on our way the the Theater.

On arriving to the theater we met our Long time Art assistant Bridget Dash for some help setting up the tables and testing the projector playing all our films before the show began....

We have not see Bridget for a few years....she left to go work at WETA in New Zealand on the Hobbit...
so cool!!

      After Set up lots of folks started rollin in and we talked to as many folks as we could....
I really wanted to connect with everyone but it quickly became a Busy Situation and I unfortunately had to be quick in my saying hello.

People who came in got to see up close and personal the puppets -ships and props from the film....People were afraid to touch but everywhere I could I told them to reach out and squeeze them puppets....feel them ships.

Its one of the coolest parts of our get to not only watch characters come to life....

you get to feel them -smell them and sit right down into the little worlds we create for them.

....One of the most common questions we got from the crowds were?? Are these the same puppets that are in the film?

 YES--- The very exact ones!!

...... We kicked off the show with a small talk about the making of our film.....the many years and sleepless night to get to this point of finally sharing the film with all of our friends.

One of the MAIN Points I wanted to get across is that wasn't just this one moment-FINISHING- was The entire Journey of the film. All of the things we learned - the new friends we have made - the many moments creating art with our family - the GROWTH we both have made as film makers and artist's.

It was all about the Ride !! So much work and soo much Fun!!

We started the films.

All of the films played great and when DOGONAUT'S came up - the crowd greeted our film with Huge was sooo kind and love filled.

 The film played and was shared ---DEEP BREATH ---I was so happy to see the audience clearly understood our story and got all the beats we applied in  our film.

 We finished with a short Q and A ......
which was nice and and then talked to many more friends as we made our way out of the theater.

After making our way out of the theater we had a GREAT lunch with Shel's folks and our family.

We then proceeded to come home and Take a Much deserved NAP.....a 4 YEAR NAP...

   we have a lot of catch up to do!!!

              SO in closing!!!!

We are now excited to take our film on another festival Tour in the next year....visit our sisters and grandma's......Travel to some fun new places and Watch some good films.

 I am happy to announce we were accepted into our Very First film Festival

- The Austin Film Fest -

and we will be traveling there in mid November.

                 talk soon!!  and thanks for all the support guys!!



Joel Fletcher said...

It was great to be there and experience the big screen premier of your film. Having seen so many blog posts about the production and various shots, it was interesting to see all the pieces of the puzzle come together as a whole. I sort of knew what the story was about, yet there was plenty of unexpected aspects to the tale. Overall it was a fantastic achievement technically and artistically. Congratulations Justin and Shel! Good luck with the festival circuit.

Emily D. Myers said...

"squeeze them puppets....feel them ships" -- best quote of the post. All very wonderful news, Justin and family! I can't wait to see the film. Maybe a future screening at Laika (during lunch hour or something)? Congrats on ya'lls journey!

Alonso said...

YAY!!! huge project done, and it looks great, you guys deserve a good long rest. And then I'm excited to see what you get up to next.

David P. Geister said...

Great stuff! I only wish I could have been there to enjoy this all in person. Well done!

jriggity said...

Joel} Thanks man! It was super cool to see you there man.

Emily}Ha! ....Its what we all love about the medium...and yes!!

I would gladly show it at a LAIKA Lunch. See you for the next project!! Me and shel are planning on joining you for the next one.

Alonso}thanks have been a constant support. I am excited for BOTH rest and Future projects ahead.

David}thanks man....I wish you could have been there too man!


Rich Johnson said...

Wish I could have been there too! Congrats you guys. Austin!!!!! Woohoo! Just the tip of the iceberg fellas. What a journey you both had! wow. Amazed and inspired here in vancouver!

BrianCoyDesign said...

Congratulations! So I have to ask. Whats next?

Nat Urwin said...

Hey Justin & Shell,
I started researching for my uni final year stop-motion animation (as i'm completely new to stop-motion) in september and today I realised that everywhere I researched, your names popped up.
There was youtube when I was looking up where to start with puppet making, also stop motion magazine, then when I watch the extras to Paranorman, and this morning I was re-looking back through my stop-motion book, and there you were again, plus festivals. I hadn't really realised until today though.
So with that in mind I just wanted to say hi and congrats on all your efforts so far with telling your stories and doing what you enjoy in life. It's a great thing to see.
All the best,

Zare Goci said...

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