Friday, February 6, 2015

1rst Shot of KUBO approved !!

Hey Guys!

    Its Friday night after 4 weeks in the test unit.......and I just got my first shot approved and
 5 seconds of footage on the big screen for KUBO and the Two Strings.

Man oh man in the frying pan......I gota tell you....I fought for every single one of my 164 frames.

I did a rehearsal on Monday and that just did not go very well....I missed a few things that I wanted to do with the character and generally was just not pushing things far enough......  it was a bit stiff in some of the transitions....and I also was learning how to use the rig and puppet as I went ........

Learning how to use the rigging that is created for a shot can be tricky and I ran into a few issues that I figured out by the end....but.....the end is not typically when you want to learn....ohh well?

After getting feed back from the director you can be launched onto the real shot.....or....they can have you do another rehearsal if they want to see the changes they ask for...

 I was launched into the real shot.....
The changes they asked for....they felt I could handle by just going into the some understanding of the character, rigs and all the hopes in the world.....I begin!!

..............After grinding through my first couple of days of real shooting - a few new puzzles to solve  and a few cut backs to keep the quality as high as I could..... I reached that last frame on my x sheet.

deep breath.......whats next?

When you finish a shot on a film ....there is a period between having the shot published....and waiting
to see if it is approved?
You typically have a feeling of maybe....... it will get approved??

Will the director or directors buy off on the shot? .......I had a very strong ---- MAYBE?

I addressed all of the notes from the rehearsal review which was great but I had one timing element
I wasn't sure the director would go for?

I felt sooo much relief when they told me it was Green lit!!!!

I literally was smiles for miles!!! I had been fantasizing about that moment for the last 5 first GREEN LIT shot.....and there it is.

So...Its official-

I am a Feature animator on KUBO and the 2 strings....My second LAIKA film.

What an honor.....

I  walked down those long halls and look up 40 feet at the ceiling of the building and just feel like
I'm on the field playing at the superbowl....

Feel Like I am fighting at Madison Sqaure Gardens

Like I'm riding my BMX Bike at Hell Track!!

        this is the first of MANY shots to come guys.....I left Paranorman with almost 3 minutes of footage......I hope to have a big bunch of fun stuff to bring home with KUBO as well.

               more to come...



Alonso said...

KickAss! Congrats :)
You're on Lubo for longer than you were on Norman right? hope you're pacing yourself ;)

gl. said...

*the crowd roars in approval*