Sunday, February 22, 2015

4th Shot - and Getting my feet under me.

Hey guys!

 I just finished my 4th shot which was { THE shot } I was thinking was going to be my very first moment on KUBO.

Due to scheduling changes....I ended up with 3 others before I got it.

It was not easy shot ...but ......-NOTHING IS EASY in stopmotion.

I am a guy who try's to prepare as much as I can for a shot I know is coming down the pipe....but time and time again.....until you are on set and in the real situation its not always that helpful.

Spacial - timing differences - camera staging - puppet limitations....its all problem solving.

But............I did the job-  I got it approved after a hard few days and I think when its all comped in and played in sequence it will do the job!


Moving forward....I am rehearsing my 5th shot and starting to feel the groove of making feature films again.

There is a hustle and bustle going from set to set  - shot to shot....

You finish a shot and you get directed for the next one - problem solving -new rigging puzzles -puppet needs and then meeting the expectations and quotas.

Alot going on....and each shot is an emotional journey.

I have definitely felt unsure more than once during the production of an animation......... but then when it gets approved and I know its going to be in the film and Up on that BIG SCREEN I get High as a kite.

Its a thrilling moment!!

    I am PROUD proud proud to be part of making this film....

            DREAM STUFF!!



David P. Geister said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, Justin - we are all there with you, man!

Alonso said...

sounds like you have to be always sharp, if your brain hasn't started up yet your gonna be in trouble. So how does solutions work? Does the rigging team come with what they think you'll need? What if you have a different approach to an idea can you enlist people to help make things that you'll need or do you need to make it yourself? I remember you talked about using your fat wallet on set on Paranorman.